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Have you ever felt pushy trying to sell your product or service to somebody? Instead, do you want people to come to you and express their interest in your small business? Attraction marketing may be a great option to attract your target audience and increase sales.

What is Attraction Marketing?

Influencer sitting in front of camera and lights, recording makeup video.

Attraction marketing draws prospective clients to you by providing them with content that brings value to their lives and targets their needs. Building a brand as an influencer is a great way to engage with high-quality prospects searching for quality content, products, or services. It sets your brand apart from your competitors and provides your clients with an engaging and valuable marketing experience.

Attraction marketing content can be information presented in videos, podcasts, blog posts, webinars, social media posts, etc. This type of content can contribute to lead generation, brand loyalty, and lead distribution.

Why Does It Matter?

Marketing content that educates, entertains, and inspires attracts an audience that can become the foundation of a profitable business. Valuable content that engages with the client and addresses their needs also positions the company as a leader and authority figure. Ultimately, this can build lasting relationships and trust.

When you are up to date with the current trends, offer valuable information, and earn the trust of your audience, they may make repeat purchases, which can increase your brand loyalty. Moreover, when you build value and offer free educational content, you can attract prospective leads to your business.

For example, Hyram Yarbo is a 25-year-old skincare guru with a combined following of 11 million on various social media platforms. Through his educational and informative content, Hyram has gained the trust of his followers. On his social media platforms, Hyram reviews skincare products by discussing the ingredients and their benefits. Additionally, he provides content that is informational and attractive to his viewer’s needs and wants. He even has his own hashtag on TikTok, #skincarebyhyram, with 1.9 billion hits. Due to the content he provides, Hyram has become one of the most trusted skincare authorities and thought leaders in the community.

His product endorsements result in soaring sales, and, as a result, many well-known skincare companies want to partner with him. Last year, the skincare company CeraVe reported a 65% increase in sales after Hyram’s endorsement. Moreover, the skincare influencer receives up to 40 brand sponsorship offers per day, even though he doesn’t have medical qualifications. This year, the young entrepreneur launched his own skincare line that has proven to be a success.

How to Implement Attraction Marketing

Overhead shot of blogger working on laptop.

Implementing a successful attraction marketing campaign can benefit any business, service, or product because it increases your following, potentially leading to increased sales. Consider the following seven attraction marketing tips and practices to grab your potential customer’s attention.

Find Your Target Audience

If you want your content to be more impactful, consider the type of audience you want to attract. First, ask yourself who you are creating content for. Of course, you can’t attract everybody. Therefore, it is beneficial to gather specifics regarding your target audience’s gender, age range, location, marital status, education, income, values, etc.

Understand and identify your target’s problems, challenges, and desires. Once you determine what your audience is searching for, create marketing content that directly addresses their needs.

Advertise to people who are already paying attention to you because they will be the most engaged. Interacting with your current following will help you organically reach other people who may be interested in your product or service. Pick your niche market and be consistent with your existing audience to attract new customers.

Pick the Right Channel

Most people think they should be present on every single platform on social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, or Snapchat. However, you don’t have to be everywhere. Instead, consistently focus content on the one platform that yields the most engagement or that most of your target audience uses. If you don’t know which channel is right for you, search for the platform that your target market uses the most.

Show How Product Features Help the Consumer

Blogger recording makeup tutorial.

When presenting your product, inform your audience about the core benefits of its features and how it affects the person who is using it. To explain its features and benefits, have a live demonstration on your social media platform and passionately engage with the product so the audience can connect with you. Answer all the questions your clients may have about your product through your content.

Utilize SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a vital tool to increase traffic and conversion rates by utilizing the right keywords and tags in digital marketing. When used correctly, it will lead to inbound marketing with many benefits for your small business and brand. SEO helps companies rank higher on search engines and improve their discoverability. Make sure to fill your content with the right combination of hashtags and keywords relevant to your industry.

For example, suppose you chose Instagram as the channel to reach your audience. In that case, you can leverage SEO into your marketing strategy by adding keywords related to your niche or industry in your bio. This way, when someone is searching for a makeup artist, your profile will show up. Instagram also has a feature called Alt Text, where you can write down a text describing your photo for people with visual impairment. Then, Instagram will read your text out loud. Leverage Alt Text into your SEO strategy by incorporating keywords. This way, the algorithm will show your content to users who are interested in your business.

Like Instagram, if you have a podcast, add keywords that fit your niche and industry into your podcast’s name and description. By doing so, you ensure that your podcast has a higher chance of showing up in a search if someone is looking for a specific topic.

If you have a Facebook business page, make the most of it by adding the best profile picture and cover photo to reflect your brand. Use relevant keywords in your short and long descriptions. Include your contact information, such as your name, email, and address. Also, link your website and other social media platforms to your Facebook page. The more links connected to your page, the higher your ranking will be. To increase organic reach on Facebook, focus on high-quality content with the targeted keywords, be consistent, and engage with your followers.

Build an Emotional Connection

Online personality livestreaming.

Building a deeper connection with your customers promotes trust. When you gain your followers’ confidence, they may be more inclined to trust your recommendations in products and services. To do so, you should engage with them by replying to their comments and building a conversation. Then, follow up with them to nurture the leads. Share your journey with them and offer something that no one else is. Be unique, don’t copy what other people are doing.

Show Personality in Your Messages

When engaging with your audience through your posts, show your personality and keep things entertaining. Be honest and authentic in your message and share your vulnerabilities with your followers. Seeing similarities can help build trust and credibility, and your audience may want to engage with your journey. Don’t be somebody that you are not. Talk about your passions, inspirations, and motivations. Leverage trending topics but avoid controversial subjects. Be a person of value. It is the best way to add credibility and authenticity.

Emphasize the Value

People are attracted to content that provides value to them, and there is no better value that you can provide to the end-user than by solving their problems. Don’t talk about the product vaguely; emphasize its specific importance and the solutions it offers. People should understand why they would benefit from your products or services over the competition. Make sure to have an apparent call to action that encourages your audience to engage further and purchase the products or services.

Sum up

To attract interested leads and prospects, you have to become an authority in your niche by creating content that adds value and solves problems. Serve your audience with quality content daily. This can contribute to building a loyal customer base and selling.

Published by Owen Carter on October 21, 2021

Owen Carter

Owen Carter

Owen is a marketing specialist. He works with advertisers and publishers directly, enhancing their marketing campaigns. Owen understands the importance of having the right tools for the job. He got his start designing and implementing a proprietary platform at a major performance marketing organization. During his free time, Owen enjoys rereading company emails and looking for mistakes.

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