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Capture, validate, and distribute your data through our fully customizable solution for end-to-end lead generation.

Advanced Lead Distribution Software

Getting Started with Plat

Plat’s lead distribution software can be used to create your own marketplace to monetize lead traffic. This is done by distributing valuable lead information to interested buyers.

Our automated software features data intelligence tools that provide deep insight into your marketing campaigns and leads. As a result, you can ensure consumer and revenue growth.

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What is Plat Lead Distribution?

With Plat’s lead distribution software, you can capture, validate, and distribute leads in real-time and from multiple sources. Additionally, Plat’s software provides an all-in-one platform to monitor how your leads are generated and sold.

Plat’s software will automate the entire lead distribution process, allowing you the freedom to set your own distribution parameters and filters. As a result, you can maximize your revenue on each lead.

Additionally, Plat’s software includes fraud detection services to screen leads for validity. This helps ensure that your data is trustworthy and credible.

Plat’s lead distribution software can increase accuracy by reducing human error, produce higher quality leads through fraud detection, and promote efficiency through automation.

The Importance of Quality Lead Distribution

Elevate Performance

The primary benefit of Plat’s lead distribution platform is the ease of use and efficiency. An automated software significantly reduces errors and slowdowns in the lead to conversion cycle. It automatically screens leads to ensure they are matched to the buyer’s needs, simplifying the entire distribution process.

Boost Revenue and Increase Efficiency

With the ability to set your own rulesets and parameters, you can ensure that only leads matching your vertical and desired criteria are routed to you.

Lastly, Plat’s software screens for fraud, ensuring lead information is accurate. Ultimately, this increases efficiency as publishers and advertisers are not wasting their time on leads that are not worth their efforts.

Additionally, Plat’s software is automated in real-time. As a result, no potential lead slips through the cracks. You no longer have to vet leads for accuracy, reach out to potential buyers, or sift through information to match a lead to your vertical. All this is done for you through Plat’s software, allowing you to direct your efforts to other tasks.

Remove Risk and Maintain Credibility

The most time-consuming process in the sales funnel is vetting leads for conversion. An automated system pre-screens inbound leads for you, ensuring the leads you offer are authentic. Additionally, this process removes the risk of selling leads that are not legitimate, ensuring that you maintain your company’s credibility.

Protect Data and Eliminate Privacy Concerns

A lead distribution platform can be integrated with customer relationship management (CRM) software. This can help accurately track your lead’s information. Moreover, integration with a CRM can protect your leads’ data, eliminating leaks and privacy concerns.

Why Us?

Plat is user-built and user-focused. A decade’s worth of inside-industry knowledge went into making Plat the most user-focused lead distribution system on the market.

Plat’s support team is made up of actual account managers who use the platform every day to run successful marketing campaigns.

Plat’s platform is completely customizable, allowing you to personalize your dashboard to fit your brand.

Lead Distribution FAQ

How Do I Know I Need Automated Lead Distribution Software?

Almost any business or sector can benefit from an automated lead distribution software if they are looking to scale their company. Implementing lead generation platforms can save time, reduce manual errors, significantly improve response time and customer experience, pre-screen leads, and track performance.

What Are the Benefits of Plat’s Lead Distribution Software?

Plat’s lead distribution software seamlessly captures leads from multiple sources and distributes them automatically. Additionally, the software screens lead for fraud and ensure only reputable leads are passed along. This ensures that advertisers are offered validated and valuable lead information.Also, Plat’s automatic lead distribution software helps avoid human error, produce higher quality leads, increase accuracy, and promote accurate revenue tracking.

Who Can Use Plat’s Lead Distribution Software?

Plat’s lead distribution software is geared towards businesses who want to generate, validate, manage, and distribute leads automatically in real-time.Particularly, lead generators, affiliate programs, lead aggregators, sales departments, lead networks, publishers, lead agencies, and advertisers in various verticals can benefit from Plat’s software.

What Are Some Features of Plat’s Lead Distribution Software?

Plat’s software offers end-to-end lead generation features that include real-time validation, custom assignment of generated leads, and automated distribution.

What Are Plat’s Distribution Methods?

Plat offers multiple distribution methods, including ping post, ping tree, JSON, XML, and SOAP.

Does Plat Have an Internal Support System?

Yes. Plat has an easy-to-use ticketing system that connects you to an account manager or IT specialist.

Is Plat’s Lead Distribution Software Safe?

Yes. Plat’s software includes fraud detection services to validate leads for accuracy. As a result, fraudulent leads will be removed from your database and campaigns.

Can I Get a Demo?

Yes. You can reach out to an account manager to schedule a live demo.

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